Q:[CCTV] What does CCTV mean? 
A:CCTV means Closed Circuit Television, which is a visual surveillance technology designed for monitoring a variety of environments and activities. 

Q:[Camera] ?What is a PTZ camera? 
A:The PTZ camera means the camera can Pan (back and forth), Tilt (up and down), and Zoom (focus in and out) by using a remote PTZ controller or most DVRs. 

Q:[Camera] What is the CCD chip? 
A:The CCD(charge coupled device) consists of hundred thousands individual picture elements (pixels) on a tiny 1/2", 1/3", or 1/4" chip. Each pixel responds to light falling on it by storing a tiny charge of electricity. 

Q:[Camera] What do the resolution & lux mean? 
A:The camera resolution measures the cameras ability to reproduce an image. The higher the resolution is, the better the picture quality is. The Lux measures the light that the camera requires to reproduce an image.? The lower the number is, the less the light that the camera requires to reproduce an image is. 

Q:[IP Camera] Power failed? 
A:- Please confirm power specifications of product & power adapter whether they correspond each other. - Please check power cable connection if the power condition of product & power adapter corresponds each other. 

Q:[IP Camera] Connect fail on web browser? 
A:- Confirm the URL and Port number. - Confirm the network access. You can use ping protocol to confirm the network status. 

Q:[IP camera] The connection is ok, but the image doesn't display? 
A:- Confirme the active x controller installation. If the internet status is ok, the camera install the active x Controller from server automatically. but if it doesn't access internet, the user will have to install directly. 

Q:[LCD Monitor] If I press the button, does that mean my settings are automatically applied?
A:- No, it doesn't. just shows the current image on the screen. Make sure to press the button before your settings can be applied. 

Q:[LCD Monitor] A motion event occurred, but no alarm makes any sound? 
A:- Please check if you have set the alarm output port correctly. Q:[LCD Monitor] The screen size is not fit for the VGA signal? A:Press the AUTO button among buttons in the front. (It is used only in the VGA signal.) 

Q:[LCD Monitor] The screen color shows strange in the VGA signal ? 
A:In the Setup menu of OSD menu, perform the Auto Adjustment. 

Q:[LCD Monitor] The screen doesn't show up? 
A:1. Make sure if the power supply is connected properly. 2. Turn on the power. 3. Select the input signal right for the connected port.  

Q:[DVR] What does the Stand-alone DVR mean? 
A:The stand-Alone DVR can be used easily, and is reliable and inexpensive. It comes with 4, 8, or 16 channels, and the compression format is MJPEG, MPEG-4 or H.264. 

Q:[DVR] The channel button does not operate in Live? 
A:- If the current screen is Event Monitoring, the channel button does not operate. Then, press the Alarm button to terminate the current screen and select a channel. 

Q:[DVR] The system power is dead and LED in front of the system does not operate at all? 
A:- Please check the power connection. - check the power voltage. - If all your efforts like above end up with nothing, check or exchange the power supply. 

Q:[DVR] Video data remains in the system but some channels displays no video data but turns all blue? 
A:- Check the image of the camera connected to the system. Improper input of camera input may cause this symptom. - Check the camera power supply. - Sometimes, you see this symptom when the video data is connected with multi-systems and the video signal from the video data distributor in use feels weak. - If it's the case, you shall connect the camera images with DVR directly to check or improve such a symptom. 

Q:[DVR] All the front LEDs are in operation but the monitor remains black? 
A:- Video out may come out differently with the connected monitor. In short, Video Out is set to Composite Output but connected to VGA Input monitor or vice versa. Please press the button more than 5 seconds and you'll hear alarm-tone(beep~).-> “Mode” + “1” - Please check the HDD space. - Please check the Record Mode setup in MENU. 

Q:[DVR] No Time Bar in the Search?. 
A:- Time Line can be converted into 2 modes, General(24 Hour Display) and Extension(2 Hour Display). In the Extension mode, Time Bar may not be seen in the current time. Please enter the General mode or click the LEFT or RIGHT button to search Time Bar. 

Q:[Power supply] Do I have to use a Regulated Power Supply for my CCTV equipments? 
A:In general the answer is yes. Most manufacturers will recommend the use of the regulated power supply as standard with their equipment. 

Q:What is the resolution of CCTV systems? 
A:The resolution of CCTV system is usually measured by TV lines in the field. The vertical TV lines has maximum 350 TV lines in 525-line NTSC system and is not variable. But the horizontal TV lines, which is used as the parameter of picture quality, vary depending on the quality of camera, lens, transmission and monitor. 

Q:What is the AVI file? 
A:The AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave. It is a special case of the RIFF (Resource Interchange File Format). AVI is defined by Microsoft. AVI is the most common format for audio/video data on the PC. Its an example of a de facto (by fact) standard.